White Sands National Monument

Public Domain Image: NPS

White Sands National Monument, established on this date in 1933, is in southern New Mexico. The 144,000 acre monument protects about 225 square miles of spectacular dunes made of calcium sulfate, or gypsum. Several natural processes deposited the dunes over eons, and those forces continue to shape the dunes today. Activities include driving tours, a few relatively short hiking trails, and dune sledding.

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We got rich by violating one of the central tenets of economics: thou shall not sell off your capital and call it income. And yet over the past 40 years we have clear-cut the forests, fished rivers and oceans to the brink of extinction and siphoned oil from the earth as if it possessed an infinite supply. We've sold off our planet's natural capital and called it income. And now the earth, like the economy, is stripped.
~Kalle Lasn ~