contact eco-usa

I almost always enjoy hearing from visitors to the eco-usa web site. (Alas, there have been a couple of exceptions over the last dozen years.) Send me an e-mail at habeck (dot) mike (at) gmail (dot) com.

While I wish you every success in your endeavors, I'm afraid I:

· Don't have any job openings;

· Don't buy or sell chemicals;

· Have no grants to offer;

· Lack the time to help with homework questions;

· Will not accept payments for linking to your website;

· Cannot provide medical or legal advice, including determining whether past or future exposures to particular substances have resulted or will manifest themselves in specific medical conditions. Please see a physician or an attorney for medical or legal advice.

If you're writing about something else, I may take quite awhile to respond - other duties call. Apologies in advance for that.

All best

Mike Habeck

P.S. - Every once in a while someone contacts me and offers to make a donation to support this site. If that's something that interests you, may I suggest instead sending a little love to one of the land trusts here in northern Indiana? They would appreciate all the help they can get!

ACRES Land Trust

NICHES Land Trust