Kua Classified Forest
in Burkina Faso

Hi - While the focus of eco-usa.net is on U.S. environmental organizations, once in a while I receive a compelling message outside that scope that I want to share. An excerpt from one such message follows.

Mike Habeck

My name is Stephanie ABO and I am writing about a major ecological problem that threatens ecological resources and biodiversity in Burkina Faso.

Authorities in the city have authorized the Ministry of Health to use 30 hectares of the Kua classified Forest to build a hospital despite the fact that the country is facing severe heat waves and desert encroachment. This 500-bed hospital is to be built by the People's Republic of China as part of the resumption of diplomatic relations between Beijing and Ouagadougou in May 2018.

The Kua forest is the second largest water reserve in West Africa after the Fouta Djalon (Guinea) and is classified site since 1936. Several Burkinabé are indignant and express their discontent through social networks and letters to responsible authorities. However, if we want to save this forest, we need agencies that have an international impact to deter our government. This forest has developed a microclimate over the years, it houses trees over 100 years old and helps a lot to temper the climate in Bobo-Dioulasso.

The construction of this hospital calls for the declassification of the forest land. Even if the project concerns 30 hectares, once declassified, the authorities will be able to build on a larger area in the future. Residues from the hospital will further degrade the forest. As a Burkinabé who loves her country and wants to fight for the preservation of the environment, I beg you to accept this call for help. Preserving this forest will have benefits for us and future generations.

I hope to draw your attention to start negotiations with the authorities in charge of the construction of the hospital, and hopefully convince them to move the project. I think that the lack of media coverage on this issue is partly the reason for their refusal to listen to their people's call.

You can contact me directly by email or phone.
Email: abostephanie@gmail.com
Phone: +1 819 230 7044

In hopes of a favourable answer;


Stephanie ABO