Informal Listing Criteria

There are no formal criteria for inclusion in the directory, but here are some informal guidelines:


Environmental mission
Open to individual (human) membership
Dedicated domain name
Up-to-date content


One-person "organizations"
Facebook pages
Outdated content
Sites on free hosts
Sites in subdirectories

Better off Elsewhere:

Government organizations
Hunting and fishing groups
Trade associations

Definite No:

I won't knowingly link to websites that seem to exist primarily for the purpose of steering business to asbestos or personal injury attorneys, specific products, product directories, those with a primary focus on eco-spirituality, or those whose relationship to the environment is tangential or secondary. I will not accept advertising or payments for linking to a website.

Don't Feel Bad

If I decide I don't want to list a site, it does not mean that I think the site or the mission it promotes is "bad", it just means that I've decided it doesn't fit into the spirit of this particular directory. It's not a personal attack. I love pizza but this directory is not the place for a link to my favorite pizza maker.

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