about the Superfund site links

I give up.

The Eco-USA superfund pages formerly contained about 1,750 separate links to U.S. EPA documents. Each referenced document discussed the characteristics of a particular superfund site.

Unfortunately, U.S. EPA is in the habit of constantly reorganizing their site and renaming their web pages. Looking back, I wish I'd kept track of how often this has happened, though perhaps it's best I didn't. Knowing would likely only raise my blood pressure.

I don't know why all this movement was apparently necessary. Was it a sincere effort to produce some order in what is without question a very complex web presence? Or an effort to prevent folks from linking to their material by forcing those seeking information to navigate solely through U.S. EPA's site?

Ultimately, the reasons don't matter. From my perspective, what matters is that every time this happened, fixing the damage required locating and revising 1,750 links.

That's very time-consuming, and after the second revision of 2016, I decided to throw in the towel and let the formidable technology of Google play hide-and-seek with U.S. EPA.

With luck, the links should take you to a page of Google search results relevant to the superfund site of interest.

All best,

Mike Habeck