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Adak Naval Air Station

Location: Adak, Aleutian Islands

Narrative: Military operations dating from the Second World War resulted in a variety of releases.

Contaminants: Chlorinated solvents · Explosives · Metals · PCBs · Petroleum hydrocarbons

Eielson Air Force Base

Location: Fairbanks

Contaminants: Benzene · Lead · Toluene · Trichloroethene · Xylenes

Elmendorf Air Force Base

Location: Anchorage

Narrative: Investigations have focused on 33 different areas, including maintenance areas, underground storage tanks, and landfills.

Contaminants: Heavy Metals · Lead · PAHs · PCBs · Pesticides · Petroleum hydrocarbons · VOCs

Fort Richardson (US Army)

Location: Anchorage

Narrative: Investigations and remedial activities at the base focus on five "operable units" or work areas, each with sub-units. These include disposal areas, maintenance areas, and impact areas.

Contaminants: Chlorinated solvents · Heavy Metals · PCBs · VOCs · White phosphorous

Fort Wainwright

Location: Fairbanks

Narrative: There are several areas of concern at the base.

Contaminants: Lead · PAHs · Petroleum hydrocarbons · Pesticides · Solvents

Salt Chuck Mine

Location: Prince of Wales Island

Narrative: A former gold, silver, copper, and palladium mine.

Contaminants: Arsenic · Copper · Mercury · Silver

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Alaska Railroad Anchorage Yard

Location: Anchorage

Contaminants: Benzene · Cadmium · Indeno(1,2,3-cd)pyrene · Lead · Naphthalene · PCBs · Petroleum hydrocarbons · Tetrachloroethene · Trichloroethene · Vinyl Chloride · Xylenes · Zinc

Deleted Sites

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Alaska Battery Enterprises

Fairbanks. Battery recycling facility that dumped battery acid on the ground, and buried used battery casings. Deleted from the NPL in 1996.

Contaminants: Lead

Arctic Surplus

Fairbanks. A salvage operation; operations included recovering metals from transformers and batteries. Deleted from the NPL in 2006.

Contaminants: Lead · PCBs · Trichloroethene

Standard Steel & Metals Salvage Yard (USDOT)

Anchorage. Deleted from the NPL in 2002.

Contaminants: Lead · PCBs