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Maine NPL Sites

Eco-USA: NPL Sites: Maine

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Brunswick Naval Air Station

Location: Brunswick, Cumberland and Sagadahoc Counties

Narrative: Areas of concern include three landfills and several places used for disposal of wastes, including asbestos, acids, bases, and solvents.

Contaminants: Asbestos · VOCs

Callahan Mining Corp

Location: Brooksville (Cape Rosier), Hancock County

Narrative: A former open pit zinc/copper mine occupying approximately 150 acres in a coastal area.

Contaminants: Cadmium · Copper · Lead · Zinc

Eastern Surplus Company

Location: Meddybemps, Washington County

Narrative: The Eastern Surplus Company sold army surplus and salvage items. Following a state inspection that revealed chemical odors, leaking electrical transformers, hundreds of deteriorating drums and containers, compressed gas cylinders, 16,000 pounds of calcium carbide, and numerous areas of stained soil, authorities conducted an emergency removal action.

Contaminants: PCBs · VOCs

Eastland Woolen Mill

Location: Corinna, Penobscot County

Narrative: A textile mill that used hazardous materials, including various dyes, throughout its nearly 90 year history.

Contaminants: Chlorobenzene · Dichlorobenzenes · Tetrachlorobenzenes · Trichlorobenzenes

Keddy Mill

Location: Windham, Cumberland County

Narrative: Scrapped metal and transformed it into other products. Scrapped products included electrical capacitors and transformers containing polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs).

Contaminants: Heavy Metals · PCBs · Petroleum Hydrocarbons

Leeds Metal

Location: Leeds, Androscoggin County

Narrative: A 36-acre site containing a former scrap yard. Activities included shredding automobiles. 40,000 cubic yards of auto fluff, consisting of non-ferrous metal, glass, plastic, fabric, foam, rubber and soil, remained on site as of 2014.

Contaminants: Arsenic · Cadmium · Chromium · Lead · PCBs · Tetrachloroethene · Trichloroethene

Loring Air Force Base

Location: Limestone, Aroostook County

Narrative: Military facility that operated from 1952 to 1994. Waste disposal practices included dumping wastes into three abandoned gravel pits.

Contaminants: Benzene · Heavy Metals · PAHs · PCBs · Toluene · Trichloroethene

McKin Company

Location: Gray, Cumberland County

Narrative: Handled and disposed of chemical wastes. It had an incinerator, an asphalt-lined lagoon, and various tanks. It may also have spread wastes on the ground. Some of these chemicals migrated to groundwater and eventually reached drinking water wells.

Contaminants: Arsenic · Lead · Mercury · Petroleum hydrocarbons · Trichloroethane · Trichloroethene

Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

Location: Kittery, York County

Narrative: Chemical releases from landfill operations, spills and leaks, and outfalls to the Piscataqua River.

Contaminants: Asbestos · Cadmium · Chromium · Lead · Mercury · PCBs · VOCs

Saco Municipal Landfill

Location: Saco, York County

Narrative: A closed landfill that formerly accepted household waste and tannery sludge containing chromium and other heavy metals, as well as volatile organic compounds. EPA capped the landfill and monitors groundwater and sediments.

Contaminants: Heavy Metals · VOCs

West Site/Hows Corners

Location: Plymouth, Penobscot County

Narrative: A facility that collected waste oil from various sources, stored it in tanks, and sold the material for fuel or to control dust on roads. These activities resulted in contamination of soil and groundwater.

Contaminants: Dichloroethene · PCBs · Tetrachloroethene · Trichloroethene

Winthrop Landfill

Location: Winthrop, Kennebec County

Narrative: More than 3 million gallons of chemical wastes were disposed of at this landfill. Some of those chemicals subsequently leached to groundwater.

Contaminants: VOCs

Deleted Sites

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O'Connor Company

Location: Augusta, Kennebec County

Narrative: Salvage and electrical transformer recycling activities resulted in releases of PCBs and other chemicals which ended up in soil and groundwater.

Contaminants: Benzene · Dichlorobenzene · Lead · PAHs · PCBs

Deleted: 2014

Pinette's Salvage Yard

Location: Washburn, Aroostook County

Narrative: A handling accident reportedly resulting in the release of about a thousand gallons of PCB-laden oil from three electrical transformers, resulting in soil and groundwater contamination.

Contaminants: PCBs

Deleted: 2002

Saco Tannery Waste Pits

Location: Saco, York County

Narrative: The facility disposed of about 23 million gallons of waste in two lagoons and 53 disposal pits.

Contaminants: Arsenic · Chlorobenzene · Heavy Metals · VOCs

Deleted: 1999

Union Chemical Co., Inc.

Location: South Hope, Knox County

Narrative: Spills, leaking chemical drums, and disposal of wastes in a septic system led to soil and groundwater contamination.

Contaminants: 1,1-Dichlorethene · Tetrachloroethene · Trichloroethene · Xylenes

Deleted: 2018