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Massachusetts NPL Sites

Eco-USA: NPL Sites: Massachusetts

Active Sites

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Atlas Tack Corp.

Location: Fairhaven, Bristol County

Narrative: Atlas made tacks, nails, and similar items. It closed in 1985. Releases of heavy metals, cyanide, and other chemicals affected soils, groundwater, and a wetland.

Contaminants: Cadmium · Chromium · Cyanide · Ethylbenzene · Lead · Nickel · PAHs · PCBs · Pesticides · Toluene · Zinc

Baird & McGuire

Location: Holbrook, Norfolk County

Narrative: Baird & McGuire occupied a 20-acre site, where they mixed, packaged, and stored a variety of products like pesticides, disinfectants, soaps, waxes, and solvents. Operations ceased in 1983.

Contaminants: Arsenic · Chlordane · DDT · Lead · PAHs · VOCs


Location: Franklin, Norfolk County

Narrative: Manufactured rubber and plastic products. Wastes have contaminated soil, and contaminated groundwater from the facility affects nearby properties and wetlands.

Contaminants: Lead · Mercury · SVOCs · Zinc

Blackburn & Union Privileges

Location: Walpole, Norfolk County

Narrative: Industrial activity on this site dates back to the 1600s; products included hides, textiles, and asbestos brake linings. Some of the waste products ended up in two lagoons.

Contaminants: Arsenic · Asbestos · Lead · Nickel · SVOCs · VOCs

Charles George Reclamation Trust Landfill

Location: Tyngsborough, Middlesex County

Narrative: Leaching from the landfill affected the wells of nearby landowners. EPA provided a water line to affected residents, capped the landfill, and is collecting and processing leachate and contaminated groundwater.

Contaminants: Arsenic · Benzene · 2-Butanone · 1,4-Dioxane · PAHs · Tetrahydrofuran

Creese & Cook Tannery

Location: Danvers, Massachusetts

Narrative: Used for treatment and disposal of leather manufacturing wastes from about 1903 into the 1980s. Wastes were disposed of in two on-site landfills and a lagoon. The Crane River bisects the site.

Contaminants: Arsenic · Asbestos · Cadmium · Chromium · Dioxin · 1,4-Dioxane · Lead · Mercury · PAHs · Tetrahydrofuran · VOCs · Zinc

Fort Devens

Location: Shirley, Ayer, Lancaster, and Harvard, Middlesex and Worcester Counties

Narrative: Investigations at this large facility revealed more than fifty areas of contamination.

Contaminants: Arsenic · Cadmium · Chromium · Lead · Mercury · PCBs · Pesticides · SVOCs · VOCs

Groveland Wells 1 & 2

Location: Groveland, Essex County

Narrative: Valley Manufacturing Products Co. made metal parts, screws, and cable connectors, and was the main source of contamination. The company disposed of its liquid wastes in buried leach fields and on the ground, and had an underground trichloroethene storage tank that leaked. Many of these chemicals leached to groundwater, and eventually unacceptable levels of trichloroethene reached the water wells of the Town of Groveland.

Contaminants: Trichloroethene

Hanscom Field/Hanscom Air Force Base

Location: Bedford, Concord, Lexington, and Lincoln, Middlesex County

Narrative: A large property that experienced many chemical releases over the years that have affected soil, sediments, wetlands, and groundwater.

Contaminants: Benzene · 1,2-Dichloroethene · Ethylbenzene · PAHs · Petroleum hydrocarbons · Toluene · Trichloroethene · Vinyl Chloride · Xylenes

Haverhill Municipal Landfill

Location: Haverhill, Essex County

Narrative: Landfill that accepted a wide variety of wastes. More than 6,000 drums of waste were removed, and the landfill capped. Groundwater monitoring and methane capture continue.

Contaminants: VOCs

Hocomonco Pond

Location: Westborough, Worcester County

Narrative: Wood treating facility that contaminated sediments, surface water, and groundwater with creosote.

Contaminants: Creosote · PAHs


Location: North Woburn, Middlesex County

Narrative: Property was once home to several chemical and glue manufacturing facilities. Products included insecticides, acids, and various other organic chemicals. Soils are contaminated with metals. Groundwater and nearby wetlands are also affected.

Contaminants: Ammonia · Arsenic · Benzene · Chromium · Lead · Toluene

Iron Horse Park

Location: North Billerica, Middlesex County

Narrative: A large industrial complex, home to many industries, landfills, and wastewater lagoons. Soil, groundwater, and surface water are all contaminated.

Contaminants: Arsenic · Cadmium · Lead · PCBs · Petroleum hydrocarbons · Selenium

Lower Neponset River

Location: Boston and Milton

Contaminants: PCBs

Microfab Inc. (Former)

Location: Amesbury, Essex County

Contaminants: Arsenic · Chromium · PAHs · Tetrachloroethene · Trichloroethene

Natick Laboratory Army Research, Development and Engineering Center

Location: Natick, Middlesex County

Contaminants: Arsenic · Barium · Chromium · Copper · Freon 113 · Lead · Mercury · Naphthalene · VOCs · Zinc

Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant

Location: Bedford, Middlesex County

Contaminants: Benzene · Ethylbenzene · Tetrachloroethene · Toluene · Trichloroethene · Xylenes

New Bedford Site

Location: New Bedford, Fairhaven, Acushnet, and Dartmouth, Bristol County

Contaminants: Heavy Metals · PCBs

Nuclear Metals

Location: Concord, Middlesex County

Contaminants: PCBs · Uranium · VOCs

Nyanza Chemical Waste Dump

Location: Ashland, Middlesex County

Contaminants: Heavy Metals · VOCs

Olin Chemical

Location: Wilmington, Middlesex County

Contaminants: Acetone · Ammonia · Benzene hexachloride · Bis(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate · Chromium · N-nitrosodimethylamine · N-nitrosodiphenylamine · Pesticides · Petroleum hydrocarbons · Trimethylbenzenes · Trimethylpentenes

Otis Air National Guard Base/Camp Edwards

Location: Falmouth, Bourne, Sandwich, and Mashpee, Barnstable County

Contaminants: Carbon Tetrachloride · 1,2-Dibromoethane · Dichloroethenes · Heavy Metals · PAHs · PCBs · Pesticides · Petroleum hydrocarbons · Tetrachloroethene · Trichloroethene

PSC Resources

Location: Palmer, Hampden County

Contaminants: Benzene · Methylene Chloride · PCBs

Re-Solve Inc.

Location: North Dartmouth, Bristol County

Contaminants: Lead · Methylene Chloride · PCBs · Toluene · Trichloroethene · Vinyl Chloride

Rose Disposal Pit

Location: Lanesborough, Berkshire County

Contaminants: Benzene · PCBs · Trichloroethene · Vinyl Chloride

Silresim Chemical Corp.

Location: Lowell, Middlesex County

Contaminants: Dioxins · Heavy Metals · PCBs · Pesticides · SVOCs · VOCs

South Weymouth Naval Air Station

Location: Weymouth, Abington, and Rockland, Norfolk and Plymouth Counties

Contaminants: Heavy Metals · VOCs

Sullivan's Ledge

Location: New Bedford, Bristol County

Contaminants: PAHs · PCBs · VOCs

Sutton Brook Disposal Area

Location: Tewksbury, Middlesex County

Contaminants: PCBs · Pesticides · SVOCs · VOCs

Walton & Lonsbury

Location: Attleboro, Bristol County

Narrative: A former plating facility in operation from 1940 to 2007. During the first thirty years of operation, the facility discharged wastes into a wetland immediately to the south.

Contaminants: Chromium · Lead · VOCs

Wells G & H

Location: Woburn, Middlesex County

Contaminants: Arsenic · PAHs · PCBs · Pesticides · Tetrachloroethene · Trichloroethene

W. R. Grace & Co. Inc. (Acton Plant)

Location: Acton and Concord, Middlesex County

Contaminants: Arsenic · Benzene · Bis(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate · 1,1-Dichloroethene · 1,4-Dioxane · Ethylbenzene · Manganese · Vinyl Chloride

Deleted Sites

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Cannon Engineering Corporation (Bridgewater)

Location: Bridgewater, Bristol and Plymouth Counties

Narrative: Used beginning in 1974 for storage and incineration of hazardous wastes. Operations ended in 1980, sometime after conviction of the owners for illegal disposal practices.

Contaminants: Benzene · Dioxins · Heavy Metals · Lead · Manganese · Methylene Chloride · PAHs · PCBs · Pesticides · Selenium · Silver · Toluene

Deleted: 2013

Fort Devens - Sudbury Training Annex

Location: Sudbury, Maynard, Hudson, and Stow, Middlesex County

Contaminants: PCBs · Pesticides · VOCs

Deleted: 2002

Hatheway and Patterson

Location: Mansfield, Bristol County

Narrative: A former wood treating facility, though the site saw other uses including bulk chemical storage and transfer.

Contaminants: Arsenic · Chromium · Copper · Dioxins · Furans · PAHs · Pentachlorophenol · Phenols

Deleted: 2018

Materials Technology Laboratory (US Army)

Location: Watertown, Middlesex County

Contaminants: PAHs · PCBs · Pesticides

Deleted: 2006

Norwood PCBs

Location: Norwood, Norfolk County

Contaminants: PCBs

Deleted: 2011

Plymouth Harbor/Cannon Engineering Corp.

Location: Plymouth, Plymouth County

Contaminants: Lead · PAHs

Deleted: 1993

Salem Acres

Location: Salem, Essex County

Contaminants: Arsenic · Chromium · PCBs · SVOCs · VOCs

Deleted: 2001

Shpack Landfill

Location: Attleboro and Norton, Bristol County

Contaminants: Arsenic · Barium · Cadmium · Chromium · Copper · Lead · Manganese · Nickel · Radium · Trichloroethene · Uranium · Vinyl Chloride

Deleted: 2017